Become a Holistic Coach

Holistic Coaches

Holistic Coaches are trained by Carolyn Kutsko, PhD in the fields of Emotional Wellness & Mindfulness, Nutrition, Fitness, Stress management (Time & Financial) and Habit Transformation. Training prepares coaches to educate clients in each of these areas offering guidance, accountability, and encouragement as clients work through each "Branch of Wellness."
Dr. Kutsko earned her degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Somatic Psychology. This training emphasized Body-Centered and Mindfulness therapeutic interventions with an emphasis on the mind/body connection. Dr Kutsko also is a certified Dr. Sears Health Coach and a Mental Health Nutritional consultant.

Training Program includes:

Work individually through the Holistic Coaching Courses with Dr. Kutsko, with emphasis on preparing you to use the course material with your own clients. You can begin working with completed courses with your clients one course at a time, keeping training time and expense manageable (you begin earning money with completed course while being trained in other courses).

Receive guidance on how to support your own clients though each branch of the program, using the e-learning interactive platform (coassemble).

Access to all e-Learning courses for self-study.

Dr Kutsko’s supervision and support.

Certification includes:
Legal rights to use e-Learning course material.
Rights to use pre-made flyers and marketing materials. 
Rights to identify self as " Certified Holistic Coach"  using the Holistic Coach Logo on your website.
Your own website: name   (admin fee to set up)

Email Dr. Kutsko for training details and cost :