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5 Branches of Wellness

Emotional Well-being & Healing
Increase present-moment awareness and emotional calm

Learn process to work through emotional distress

Identify and transform adaptive coping patterns

Consistently move toward experiencing your confident, centered and vibrant self
Nurtition --Eat for Energy
Transform shame-based unconscious eating with mindful nurture eating

Learn a whole-foods enlivening approach to nutrition

Create a "True to You" Meal plan that works with your lifestyle

Weight Loss Tools
Identify what holds you back.

Learn cognitive behavioral tools to transform emotional eating.

Name and identify what triggers your behaviors

Learn to tame the urge and reduce the compulsive movement toward the behavior

Focus on framing the real result of your choices and desired outcomes
Fitness Success
Get motivated to move!

Discover the impact of exercise and breathing on emotion health

Specific guidance and videos offered for building muscle strength & stretching postures (yoga)

Use breathe to calm anxiety and increase mindfulness
Time Management
Learn a system to reduce stress, increase productivity & life balance, and improve relationships

Using customized goal setting and weekly planning worksheets or digital APP, you will learn to design your life and days based upon your gifts, values, and passions

With help from your coach and the system presented, you will find time for what matters most to you

Online Coaching

Interactive Online 
Wellness Coaching

Work through one branch of wellness with your Coach at a time.
Once purchased, you will receive email to log into your course.
There are four chapters per course, each with practical, easy to absorb, life changing information.
At end of each chapter, you will submit assignment and your counselor will offer you feedback.

Audio recordings are included throughout course in addition to many other educational and inspiring videos teaching core concepts of course.
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Online Coaching Plus Live Coaching

Interactive Online Coaching
 plus Live Telephone Support :

Everything offered in Interactive Online option, plus: Fifteen minute live coaching telephone calls following each chapter of your course. There are four chapters per course.
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Holistic Coaching Program

 Holistic Coaching Ongoing Support

          ongoing Support

Your Holistic Coach can provide ongoing support using materials in courses:
Emotional Wellness Journals
Habit Changing Log
Eating and Exercise Logs
Time Management Planning and Goal Setting forms
Financial Budgeting Forms